Fashion | Grammy Awards 2015: Best & Worst

I love Ms. B’s look. I always love elegance and this stood out for me.

The Girl In Glasses

I always enjoy watching ‘awards’ events for one reason in particular: Red Carpet Fashion. However, the annual Grammy Awards takes this to a whole other level, it’s fair to say that this event quite typically brings out the celebrities ‘inner creativity’. If you need proof of this, pull up your nearest search engine and type ‘Lady Gaga arrives in egg – Grammys 2011’…. I’ll give you a moment, that image might need to simmer with you for a while… now that you are sufficiently prepared, lets review some of the highlights from this year:


1. Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift - Elie Saab Dress

For me, there is no one that even came close to taking the title of ‘best dressed’ from one Miss T. Swift!

Take note Lana Del Rey, THIS is how you pull off a mermaid-esque look. Taylor wore a striking teal-to-ocean-blue-and-back-again floor-length Elie Saab gown but what really gave this outfit the ‘edge’ was the…

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