Teenage Sex: Why Teens Need Sex Education

This topic has slowly crawled back into the media scene, months after it made a dramatic disappearance from our airwaves. There’s been heated debate on whether to give and teach how to use condoms, nine year old kids. The arguement is that teaching a nine year old boy how to use a condom is indirectly giving him the green light to bang his little ‘crash’ who sits behind him in class. This is line of thought is kinda STUPID. If I taught my kid how to drive a car, does it mean I’m letting him drive my car? HELL NO!!! How you teach that child to use condoms without putting any notion of having sex is what really matters. At times, we ought to stop being African and just accept the world is changing – we no longer have skins for an attire nor walk barefoot nor communicate in our sweet mother-tongue in every office you enter. We live in a modern world where our current day to day affairs have been greatly westernized and we need to accept it as a fact.

When that story was running on the news, my cousin asked me if I would teach my child about sex. I said, why not? I mean, s/he needs to know early enough what sex is and when it’s appropriate to undertake it and with whom. Our parents could never tell us such things and I don’t blame them; they had deep African beliefs in them and such was a taboo.

This discussion ought to end soon. We wasting valuable time speaking over it, and there are much more serious issues to think about. The Government needs to have it as a policy for every kid older than 9 years old taught about sex, how to use a condom (both male and female) and how to abstain from sex. PERIOD!!!!!


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