Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday, or as it’s best known as TBT has become a huge weekly phenomenon on the social media scene. A quick consult of big brother Google defines it as  a trend among social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wherein users post or repost older photographs (often from their childhood) with the hashtag. And this craze has everyone (including myself) glued to their phones trying to show off who has the best and oldest pic. Well, mine, aren’t really that old but are past memorable events which I don’t plan to forget anytime soon.

1. Inaugral Mentor 101 with Dr. Patrisio Njiru

My very first Mentor 101 was a blast. Dr. Patrisio Njiru, an agro-preneur, scientist, civil servant and entrepreneur, delivered a great presentation on agribusiness, hosted by the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Muthaiga North. This event set the tone for the successive events under the Mentor 101 flagship

2. Larry Madowo – Past, Present & Future

By far, this is only event I’ve gotten to plan for over four months.It actually took seven months to put this event together and from the attendance, it was definitely a success. A lot of my critics (read haters) were pessimistic on ever actualizing this but the 115 guests proved them wrong. Larry was as captivating and entertaining as he always his on his trademark show, The Trend.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with some of the Mentor 101 crew

3. All About Passion – Suzie Wokabi

If you into fashion and beauty, all about looking good with some make-up, then you really missed on hanging out with SuzieBeauty founder and CEO Suzie Wokabi. She founded the company out of a passion she had.


4. Safety Belt Saved My Life

This is one moment that’s edged for eternity in my mind. I got involved in an accident while cruising at over 120kph on the jammed up Meru – Nairobi highway at Makuyu. The traffic had jammed up from Makuyu town owing to a trailer and being from the land of ‘vaite’ where speed is a necessity while transporting the green gold, my driver decided to prove that he was a true ‘murume’ by overtaking the entire fleet of vehicles stuck in the jam, only for a Nissan Xtrail driver to suddenly exit to the petrol station. At over 140kph, the Toyota Axio we were commuting our souls in knocked the SUV on the driver’s side and veering off the road, flying a distance of approximately 20 metres from the road and landing just near the petrol pump. Phew! I was still in one piece though my heart was really threatening to burst out. What saved me? SAFETY BELT!!!!!!! I got out unscathed with no dent on me, but I wish I could say the same thing for the vehicle.

Lesson: always have your safety belt on. 

5. 60100 Parties

For a great part of 2015 I’ve been in a great party mood and no party rocked like one in the 60100 aka E ni Town. If I was hold up in some town working tirelessly on my day job, I was in my hometown enjoying with my youth. With friends and family, every single party rocked.


6. Big Brother Says ‘I Do’

On May 2nd 2015, my big brother Moti decided that he had enough of bachelor life and it was time he settled down. And I was there to support him as one of his groomsmen. Dorned in a presidential-blue suit, my brother said ‘I do’ to the love of his life in the witness of friends and family.

The Muto Brothers – Kev, Moti and I
Jem, myself and Sety

7. Unajua, ati baby I’m your guy – Gilad Millo

“Sema, mpenzi how you been? Unaendelea aje? Ama ni aje?(yeah) Sema, mpenzi how you been? Umepotelea wapi? Umefanya nini, na nani?” sang Gilad as he began his presentation at the 6th Mentor 101 at the Laico Regency. This was the most successful event. He finished off with a serenade of ‘Sema Milele’ another of his hits.



yo guy Muto


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