Customer Service is Key to Business Success

So yesterday I was at one of this fancy dental clinics located in the CBD for a checkup and going up the lift I kept telling myself that the doctor would probably be some old timer doc but surprisingly, Dr. Kisia, whom I guess was the big kahuna for the dental practice, was four-eyed guy, probably in his late twenties or early 30s.

Alighting at the 7th floor, am confronted with the challenge of locating the clinic, owing to the large number of offices situated on the floor. I stop a fine damsel to ask for guidance and in a ‘tweng’ ascent shows me the clinic.
I’m welcomed at the clinic by a rather cheerful and smiling ☺ lady who gives me some forms to fill after I introduced myself and telling her of the excruciating pain I had been experiencing for the past few days. I sit down next to some three guys who judging by their physique were rugby players and true to my judgment, they started boasting of how they scored the most tries in the past matches over the weekend.

Finishing up on the forms, the receptionist smiling asks to me to sit for a few minutes as I wait for the doctor to finish up on a client. I busied myself reading some of the publications at the clinic and trying to wade off the fear of having a painful drill on my tooth (ouch!).o-dental-instruments-facebook

After what seemed an eternity, the doctor’s assistant beckoned and ushered me to the doctor’s office where the doctor I had seen earlier before sat with an encouraging smile painted across his face. He requests I take a sit on the examination chair and remove my second pair of eyes. Lowering the chair, he asks what my problem was and as I explain to him, I note how he keeps on nodding his head, probably in assurance that he understood my problem pretty well. He picks one of his tools and asks me to open my mouth wide open and he starts examining all my teeth. He starts talking some medical gibberish to his assistant, and am left wondering, what the h*** is he talking about.

Once done, he explains to me, in very layman terms, the cause of my dental pain and what ought to be done (apparently I have like four appointments to get rid of the entire problem – bummer!), and concludes by asking, “Do you have any questions or queries?” This completely caught me off-guard as a doctor has never asked me such a question. I said no and he notes down the medicine I needed to take first before my first procedure the following week.

As I sat back down again at the lounge area, I couldn’t help but feel impressed by the exemplary service the doctor had shown. And it drew me back to a training I had attended some weeks back on customer service and just how, quality service had direct effect on business success.

Service Crossword Concept
Service Crossword Concept

Besides having young vibrant medical staff, the clinic showed a lot of friendliness, excellent professionalism, to a point I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Leaving the clinic 4 hours after I arrived, I told myself that the doctor had clearly succeeded in alleviating my fear of a dentist (don’t ask me why but I don’t like the idea of a dental visit) and I just couldn’t wait for the next appointment.


~This Guy Muto~

4 Comments Add yours

  1. mrosemary says:

    I visited a dentist recently and it was a terrible experience, I will write about it too


    1. victormuto says:

      Sorry for that. I highly recommend this particular dentist. He’s Dr. Kisia of Nairobi Premiere Dental Clinic, 7th Flr Kimathi House


      1. mrosemary says:

        Thanks for the reference, in the end i had one Dr Mumenya at the Green house, Menelik Hospital, he knows what he is doing.


        1. victormuto says:

          thats great. probably one day I’ll try him


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