An Evening with Gilad

The Mentored

Traffic has come to a complete standstill at the Koja roundabout; from a far I could see hawkers engaging ‘Kanjo’ askaris in a cat and mouse game, a common phenomenon in the city. I decide to alight from the matatu and beckon a ‘boda boda’ rider, give him directions of my destination and we sped off, carefully maneuvering the jammed up Tom Mboya street heading to the Laico Regency. The 12 story 5 star deluxe hotel, formerly known as Grand Regency Hotel, is one of the top-rated hotels boasting of 188 double rooms and 21 suites. Laico Regency would be the host of the second Mentor 101 event.

Photo Credits: Mzinyi Safari Hotels

Minutes after alighting at Koja roundabout, the majestic Laico Regency comes into view. We halt at the gate of the hotel handing a 50 shillings note to the rider and thank him for a very interesting ride…

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