I Met A Girl

For a second, my heart stopped, and that’s all it needed to know she was the one. I never once believed in love at first sight; I always thought it to be an illusion created by hopeless romantics. But here I was, fallen for this damsel whose beauty I had never seen before. Her beauty extended into the heavens, going on forever and never lessened. Even when the clouds heightened, she was there and the world brightened. She was like a fruit that constantly ripened, her beauty continued to grow no mater what happened.


I had met her, in one of the classy offices where I worked part-time sitting next to the window overlooking the busy Moi Avenue, while myself seated opposite to her on the other end. It was her first day in the office, and I was busy surveying the room when our eyes met. I smiled. She smiled back. She broke our eye contact looking down shyly…


My stare at her beauty is cut short by my boss adding more pile of files for me to review. After he leaves, I walk by to her and manage a soft ‘hi’. She smiles and says hi back. I engage her in a small conversation, getting to know she’s Dortie and she had joined the Legal team. Smart and beautiful, I nodded to myself. She had just joined the company from campus and it was her first job. We talked for a little while longer before being interrupted again by my boss calling me to his office, reckon to scold me on my undivided attention to the young damsel.

Sitting down at my desk, I keep on stealing glances at her, hoping she’d glance back. She sat there, the crimson-red sunset sparkling over her face, a spectacle to behold. Was she real? Was my eyes playing candy crush on me? My boss leaves and I hurry to her desk minutes as she’s about to leave. “Hey, can I have your number?” She smiles and whispers, “you’ll have to earn it” I didn’t see that coming (lol). My head goes into overdrive, trying to joggle every possible way to earn her number… She bids goodbye as she picks up her handbag and walks to the elevator…

“She’s worth the challenge”, I comfort myself, as I pick up my bag-pack and head towards the elevator.

Following morning, I get to the office, excitement written all over my face. But inside, scared to the bone on whether my plan would actually work. “Bummer”, she’s not in the office yet. She arrives minutes later but get’s into a meeting with her boss and am forced to postpone my surprise…

Lunchtime and I walk over her to desk, trembling like a leaf in the monsoon winds. “Dortie,” I begin, “I have something for you” She looks up smiling as I pull out two cans of coke inscribed Dortie Let’s Chat


She smiles as she picks up a pen and scribbles her number on my hand. She winks as we share the tasty coke at her desk…

And the rest, well, is history


Happily ever after…

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