#WhatWouldMagufuliDo – It is a Revolution!

The last time a black powerful man was on everyone’s lips for days on end, was during the election of Barack Obama. Now, we got another guy who’s succeeded in getting us yapping about him all over social media. President Magufuli, aka ‘bulldozer’ is Tanzania’s new president, and weeks into his term, he’s already making headlines, cutting expenses and taking the bull (read corruption) by the horns, literally! He’s caught so many Tanzanians off-guard, with so many guys having to align to the new regime. More so, its his order to businessmen to pay due taxes within a seven-day period, lest ‘mkono mrefu wa serikali’ will be one them.  President Magufuli

Hon. Magufuli’s action has received immense praise and support, both from home and across the continent. This is just a sample of the trending story


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