hehehe I can attest to this, it’s hard to teach a woman to drive. Great story. Love it

In My Shadow Blog

It was more than exciting to go for driving lessons… I could only envision myself on the road with one hand on the steering wheel and speeding like crazy!
I thought I would be like those matatu drivers by the end of the 10 days I took classes…
So one of the sundays after church my dad called Me up and told me go and ‘get used’ to the road with him as the watch dog… This is was definately after several days of totally nagging him!
So he reversed the car from the parking to the road just outside the gate. After clothing the gate , I was ushered into the driver’s seat and was handed the keys.
With my dad in there it felt like a test! I had to find the cutout which he knew I had trouble finding. Lucky me, I got it and put the…

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