Free Publicity – Njoki Chege

If there’s one lady that got ‘balls’ then it would be Njoki Chege. This lady has been on everyone’s lips, and not just ’cause she sexy or something like that (btw, she ain’t that pretty) but cz she was stupid enough to step on some people’s toes. And this time, on some very big toes! Njoki Chege rose to fame through her endless ranting of how she hates guys that spin Subaru. Then some decided to silence her with this piece (it is kinda funny you know).

And she went silent...
And she went silent…

So, the City Girl is at it again, this time not against Subaru die-hards but against plus-size women. This is where it really gets funny. Njoki, though I’ve never met in person, is a ‘1GB’ and he she is, taking on ‘1TB’. I understand she has the David vs. Goliath attitude, but this one, she just took it too far. Personally, I love plus size women. Hell, my rib is plus size and I love her to death. I guess, she just envious cz of lacking that extra flesh on her bones (lol).

But have we ever all wondered, that all this hating by Njoki is just but a publicity stunt. Like for real, we may all be hating and cursing, but she’s winning on free publicity. The more people talk about her and her weekly column, the more traffic she gets translating to more revenue to her employer. This is one clever girl. She did her homework well and right about now, she’s laughing her ass to the bank with a fat pay cheque while we’re here wasting our bundles away. Food for thought.

Pleasant night!!!

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