Broken Ryhme XI

It’s in the public knowledge my great love for poetry and spoken word; composing some pieces IMG_20150925_194232at my own free time. Y’all remember June right? I did a post about her some months back, a barista residing in my hometown in Embu. Well, she came up with a monthly event to showcase the best of poetry, rap and spoken word, together with some of her friends. The event, Broken Ryhme, showcases some of the best poets, spoken word artists and rappers. The event, now on it’s eleventh edition, has seen it grow from being hosted in a tiny room in June’s Fire & Ice coffee shop to closing a section of Kenyatta Highway, and multitudes attending.

Last Friday I got to attend this event and it was more than I had expected; an amazing event that showcased some really great art pieces. My best friend, Ian Split, got to also perform and this time, he wasn’t rapping, but doing spoken word. All the artists that got to perform proved one thing to me – Embu got talent. I took videos of each of the artist that performed but due to copyright stuff, well, I can’t post them yet but do make a plan to attend the next one, October 30th 2015 along Kenyatta Highway, outside Safaricom Shop Embu.

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