Blogging. Just How to Do It. Responsibly.

I guess this is my fourth or fifth year (not quite sure) as a blogger and the experience is just amaaazing. Having sleepless nights at times pondering on my next post is something I have gotten accustomed to. I may not define myself as a professional blogger, as mine is out of passion and love for creative writing (though soon becoming a pro).


As a blogger, I get to read other blogs, to try learn a new thing or two, and oh my, aren’t there some really awesome bloggers, especially here in the #254. The likes of This is Ess | Biko | Buoart among many others, are just creme de la creme. I consider such bloggers my mentors and I have learned a lot. However, there are other bloggers, whom being just polite (for lack of a better word), are just ‘shallow’. They are the kind of blogger who will post anything just to get a few likes on the post and overflowing stats to just earn a buck. I understand the hustle but is it worth at the expense of someone’s reputation? The hustle is real.

So, I guess it’s time some schools these ‘low-lifes’ how to do a blog. Responsibly.

  1. Be factual – Most of the blogs depend on fabricated stories and unconfirmed rumors to make a killing on their blogs. They come up with juicy stories in order to credited to be the first to come up with such only for the same stories to be later labelled false. A common story is “dead artist” story. I guess it’s the norm of such blogs to ‘pre-announce’ the death of a popular artist or personality only for the said person to come out, guns blazing saying s/he is well and kicking. How low (shakes head)!
  2. Be on point – This is something I really hate (not sure if am the only one though). Some blogs keep on saying something we already know. For instance, Mark Masai’s bald head. So what? What’s new with that? Has hair started growing? (Disclaimer: no pun intended Mark, just passing a point)
  3. Relevance – This is the most basic element while writing a blog. Why are you writing the story? Does it add value to someone’s life? Some years back, I remember reading this blog where the blogger wrote on how a h***y donkey stormed into a supermarket and threw tantrums. So how does this add value to my day? Relevance people. RELEVANCE
  4. Be original. At least have the decency to credit the original author. It’s called respect.

And am out….



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16 Comments Add yours

  1. Say no more..right on point


  2. Say no more…great piece..feel like adding #my niggah


    1. victormuto says:

      hehehe thank you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Question..I got a free domain n I want to buy one does that mean thAt I’ll have to start another blog with my own domain


        1. victormuto says:

          No you won’t have to start another blog. with wordpress, you can easily use your own domain but at a cost.


          1. Do u use that personally..?..


          2. victormuto says:

            Not yet but am hoping before close of the year, I upgrade my blog into a website. once my work schedule frees up, I will work on it


          3. That’s also what I want to do..change it into a website


          4. victormuto says:

            that would be a great move


          5. To make it a website I make it a .com or .net


          6. victormuto says:

            yes either of the two


          7. Thanks so much


          8. victormuto says:

            you’re welcome


          9. Which one would u advise me to take?18 dollars for the ‘.org ‘or for the ‘.net’


          10. victormuto says:

            .org is mainly for organizations, so it might not be so advisable. .net or .com will be okay. but if you have a registered domain, you can use it instead and WordPress will host the blog under your own domain but at a cost


  3. Do U know how one hash tags? Like #poetry


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