RYLA 3D: Dream. Define. Do

#whyjoinrotaractExcitement has been building up for the last few weeks in the Rotaract world, for one of the biggest (after District Convention & Assembly) Rotaract events in the calender – RYLA, which stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

What’s RYLA?

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is an intensive leadership training program aimed at providing an opportunity for young people to develop leadership skills and self-confidence. Under the guidance of business leaders and Rotarians, RYLA provides a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, have fun and make new friends.

About RYLA 3D?

RYLA 3D- The Bootcamp, is a rigorous course set in the rolling lush hills of Tigoni Limuru, Kenya. Hosted by D9212, RYLA 3D promises an intensive, interactive and fun program facilitated by world class trainers.

The Venue

Brackenhurst- Beauty situated in Nature A hotel and conference Centre, Brackenhurst sits snuggly in the highlands of Tigoni Limuru, Kenya surrounded by tea and coffee farms, providing a serene and ideal environment for RYLA 3D.

click HERE for more information and to register online.


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