“No More!” Embu Youth Rises to Demand their Rights

It’s rather sad that we have to sit down and pen down this discussion in this day and age. Far less developed states don’t even have time for such talk, leave alone thinking about it. LOCAL CONTENT AIRPLAY & SUPPORT. Kenya has been gripping with this problem for so long that it’s becoming a little bit too boring now and we might find it entering the history books. Kenyan artists are some of the finest in Africa yet, in their own home, they go unrecognized. I guess the scripture “a prophet is never accepted in his own home” takes its cue here.

A few weeks ago, Kenyan artists (including the bigwigs I suppose) took to the streets of Nairobi to protest non-adherence to the 70% local content airplay by media houses. I mean, where’s the national pride of supporting our own? The hypocrisy is real, I tell you.

Two days ago, my fellow comrades, youths from my small town of Embu, had their own successful12002191_1197186186975174_2282985287191824594_n demo but this time, not for 70% airplay, but to demand support from the county government they chose. It’s been three years of empty promises to the youth; the football is in ICU but recovering, musical artists, artisans, dancers, have no resource center to utilize and bring forth their God given talents. I mean, does it really warrant a demo for our voices to be heard? I’m no political lobbyist nor a sympathizer of any side, but it’s time someone said something, and I can’t be more proud of the youth that came out on Thursday and said “NO MORE!”. Because we shall not take any more empty promises. I support such courageous stand for delivery of the people’s needs.

Photo Credits: Kibali Pictures 

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