This Guy Muto – New Corporate Look

This year I’ll be celebrating my sixth year since I started blogging and three years of active blogging. It’s been a slow journey but a great learning experience. Over the years, I have picked up skills and ideas on how to make this blog better and richer for all people seeking information. And more so, on how to undertake social media marketing successfully. I’ve always told my friends that social media is my third love, after my better half and poetry and it’s something I enjoy doing with a lot of passion. And out of this passion, This Guy Muto was born and slowly growing into becoming a brand that will help other brands market themselves in the social media network. So, I add another title to my resume, a social media influencer and today I embark on this journey.


If you got a brand and you too afraid to sojourn the vast social media world to grow your brand, I gotcha. Just holla at me on

This Guy Muto
This Guy Muto

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