The Rotaract Clubs in Kenya: Join One!

Rotaract District 9212 District Rotaract Representative (DRR) 2015/16, Richard Mwangi & District Secretary Mary Gaichiri
Rotaract District 9212 District Rotaract Representative (DRR) 2015/16, Richard Mwangi & District Secretary Mary Gaichiri

You would ask what Rotaract is? Rotaract is a club for adults ages 18-30 that meets twice a month (or weekly) to exchange ideas, plan activities and projects, and socialize. While Rotary clubs serve as sponsors, Rotaract clubs decide how to organize and run their club and what projects and activities to carry out.

Kenya is part of Rotary/Rotaract District 9212 together with Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan. Kenya has over 40 Rotaract clubs spread all over the country.

Why Join Rotaract? (courtesy of Rct. Club USIU)

  1. Friendship: In an increasingly complex world, Rotaract provides one of the most basic human needs: the need for friendship and fellowship. It is one of two reasons why Rotary began in 1905.

  2. Business Development: The second original reason for Rotary`s beginning is business development. Everyone needs to network. Rotary consists of a cross section of every business community. Its members come from all walks of life. Rotarians help each other and collectively help others.

  3. Personal Growth and Development: Membership in Rotary continues one’s growth and education in human relations and personal development.

  4. Leadership Development: Rotary is an organization of leaders and successful people. Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education. Leadership: – learning how to motivate, influence, and lead leaders.

  5. Citizenship in the Community: Membership in a Rotary club makes one a better community citizen. The average Rotary club consists of the most active citizens of any community.

  6. Continuing Education: Each week at Rotary there is a program designed to keep one informed about what is going on in the community, nation, and Each meeting provides an opportunity to listen to different speakers and a variety of timely topics.

  7. Fun: Rotary is fun, a lot of fun. Each meeting is fun. The club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. The service is fun.

  8. Public Speaking Skills: Many individuals who joined Rotary were afraid to speak in public. Rotary develops confidence and skill in public communication and the opportunity to practice and perfect these skills.

  9. Citizenship in the World: Every Rotarian wears a pin that says “Rotary” There are few places on the globe that do not have a Rotary club. Every Rotarian is welcome – even encouraged – to attend any of the over 32,000 clubs in 168 nations and geographical regions. This means instant friends in both one’s own community and in the world community.

  10. Assistance when Traveling: Because there are Rotary clubs everywhere, many a Rotarian in need of a doctor, lawyer, hotel, dentist, advice, etc., while traveling has found assistance through Rotary.

  11. Entertainment: Every Rotary club and district has parties and activities that provide diversion in one’s business life. Rotary holds conferences, conventions, assemblies, and institutes that provide entertainment in addition to Rotary information, education, and service.

  12. The Development of Social Skills: Every week and at various events and functions, Rotary develops one’s personality, social skills and people Rotary is for people who like people.

  13. Family Programs: Rotary provides one of the world’s largest youth exchange programs; high school and college clubs for future Rotarians; opportunities for spouse involvement; and a host of activities designed to help family members in growth and the development of family values.

  14. Vocational Skills: Every Rotarian is expected to take part in the growth and development of his or her own profession or vocation; to serve on committees and to teach youth about one’s job or vocation. Rotary helps to make one a better doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.

  15. The Development of Ethics: Rotarians practice a 4-Way Test that governs one’s ethical standards. Rotarians are expected to be ethical in business and personal relationships.

  16. Cultural Awareness: Around the world, practically every religion, country, culture, race, creed, political persuasion, language, color, and ethnic identity is found in Rotary. It is a cross section of the world’s most prominent citizens from every background. Rotarians become aware of their cultures and learn to love and work with people everywhere. They become better citizens of their countries in the process.

  17. Prestige: Rotary members are prominent people: leaders of business, the professions, art, government, sports, military, religion, and all Rotary is the oldest and most prestigious service club in the world. Its ranks include executives, managers, and professionals – people who make decisions and influence policy.

  18. Nice People: Rotarians above all are nice people – the nicest people on the face of the earth. They are important people who follow the policy of it is nice to be important but it is important to be nice.

  19. The Absence of an “Official Creed”: Rotary has no secret handshake, no secret policy, no official creed, no secret meeting or rituals. It is an open society of men and women who simply believe in helping others.

  20. The Opportunity to Serve: Rotary is a service club. Its business is mankind. Its product is service. Rotarians provide community service to both local and international communities. This is perhaps the best reason for becoming a Rotarian: the chance to do something for somebody else and to sense the self-fulfillment that comes in the process and return of that satisfaction to one’s own life. It is richly rewarding.

Where Do They Meet?

These are some of the clubs and where and when they meet. Get time and join them one of the days, and I assure you, you’ll enjoy.

  1. Rc Milimani Venue: Victor House Day: Monday (fortnightly) Room Charge: Kes.100
  2. Rotaract club of Thika Venue: Pristine paradise Time 7pm to 8pm Day Tuesday
  3. Rc Karura venue: victor house Day: Tuesday (fortnightly) Room charge Kes.100
  4. Rc Mashariki Sundays Jimlizer hotel Buruburu 5pm. Room charge Kes.50/=
  5. Rotaract club of Naivasha Venue: Olive Resort Day: Thursday Time: 6:30pm
  6. Rotaract club of JKUAT Venue: CLB 002 Time: 7-8pm Every Monday
  7. Rotaract Club of Nairobi Muthaiga North. Venue: Roasters Inn, Off Thika Road (Exit 7) Day and Time: Tuesday, 6.30 pm Room charge: Kes.200/-(inclusive of tea & snacks)
  8. Rotaract club of Limuru Terracotta resort Limuru. . Sunday (fortnight) 1500hrs. Room charge Kes.100/-
  9. Rotaract Club of Multimedia University Venue: Faculty of Media and Communication J13 Day: Monday Time 7pm – 8pm
  10. Rotaract club of kikuyu venue: Wida highway motel Day: Sunday Time: 3pm. Room charge: Kes.100
  11. Rotaract club of the University of Nairobi Venue: ADD building Day: Tuesday Time: 6:30
  12. Rotaract Club of Kenyatta University Venue: BSSC within Kenyatta University DAY: Monday Time: 7:00 p.m.
  13. Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands Venue: Clarion Hotel Day: Wednesday Time: 6:30pm
  14. Rotaract club of Westlands Research cube, Victor house 5th floor Day: Wednesday (fortnightly) Time: 6:30 pm Room charge: Kes.100/-
  15. Rotaract club of Mt. Kenya Venue: Meru sports club Sunday Time: 4:30pm
  16. Rotaract Club of Muthaiga Venue: Victor Hse., 5th Friday’s Time: 6pm
  17. Rotaract Club of Embu Venue| Venue EYAA, adjacent to Embu Social Hall |Thursdays (fortnight) 5:30p.m
  18. Rotaract Club of Catholic University of Eastern Africa (C.U.E.A) | Venue Missio Hall CUEA | Time: Mondays 4.30-6.30 p.m.
  19. Rotaract Club of Daystar – Daystar University – Valley Road Campus, Nairobi, DAC 103, Wednesday 2.30-3.30pm
  20. Rotaract Club of Kisumu | Venue Simba Club | Fridays 6pm-7.30pm



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  1. ngendo says:

    great work.. what is there in life than to change someone’s life for the better?


  2. Brenda Nebert's says:

    Great work!!Bravo


  3. Wambui Muigai says:

    .this is awesome…am a proud rotaractor 🙂

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      1. waFrancis says:

        .haha 1year + but its never too late,am from Rc Menengai(Nakuru)


        1. victormuto says:

          niiice. hope to see you during ROTS


  4. Nginya says:

    Great work Muto.

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  5. Hi Victor am really interested in joining rotaract.. Been looking online on how I can join and you blog post came up and has all the relevant information that I needed. The rotaract website doesn’t show how I can join, kindly let me know how I can join.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. victormuto says:

      Hi Chela
      Thanks for your interest to join Rotaract. There are over 40 clubs spread across the country. Kindly email with your location so that I may be in a position to recommend the best clubs within your proximity.


  6. alice says:

    id like to join


    1. victormuto says:

      hello Alice
      kindly email me on or call me on 0704012060


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