Carol: Beauty Beyond Words…

In my line of work and interest, I get to meet a lot of people and this one person really fascinated me. First of all, she truly endowed with immense beauty, what my kinsmen like to call “beauty of a true African lady”.. I present Carol. We’ve been friends for many years and through out the journey of friendship, I’ve come to know a lot about her. She has this great passion for fashion and modelling. The few times I’ve hanged out at her place, I’ve always admired her great taste of fashion. Most recently, she’s been posting pics on her instagram timeline, showing off her beauty leaving #teamMafisi salivating wanting a piece of her…

Enough with the compliments, here is a sample of her pics

11924709_778706548918584_966164443_n 11933104_778706492251923_1314494633_n 11880775_778706505585255_127425524_n 11914130_778706535585252_172895272_n

11872812_1767736820120108_2040173428_n 11872856_1767736406786816_724586075_n 11873935_1767736396786817_1446661115_n 11903588_1767737066786750_11548395_n 11910647_1767736823453441_1802038763_n 11910761_1767737100120080_238924906_n 11910902_1767736326786824_811316150_n



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