Mollis – How Low we’ve Really Sunk

I’ve been silent for a while on the social media front, owing to increased pressure in my workplace but I’ve kept myself appraised on the latest happenings.

Mollis! Mmmh! Well, I’m exasperated by the kind of support this story has been getting over past couple of days considering the inhumane acts behind it. It took me a while to get a jist of the story, seeing really creative memes flying across my timelines till someone sent an audio to a Whatsapp group and it was as clear as day of the entire scenario.

I appreciate the fact that “Mollis” has proven of his great “manhoodness” (macho) but I puked with digust as I continued to listen to the 3-minute audio. The unidentified woman is wailing throughout the clip “I surrender” (though I admit I laughed on how she has mastered the Kingsman language of this pharese) but the guy soldiers on with the wails landing on seemingly deaf ears.


The Mollis story has been on top of Kenyan trends for a few days now and its ironical how during the same period #IMilliForJadudi a call to raise one million shilling for Jadudi for the treatment of a brain tumor in India, trended in near equal length. Kenyans came out strongly for this cause and raised six times the intended amount, restoring some bit of hope in humanity, but #Mollis just had to kill the only hope remaining. One tweet caught my interest and I couldn’t agree more, “The schizophrenic society that is Kenya manifests in the fact that #1MilliForJadudi and #Mollis are creatures of the same environment”.


In all manners, this ‘Mollis’ act is rape and I’d be hugely disappointed if anyone would think otherwise. Going through the tweets I find myself getting angry by the fact that people aren’t seeing this as sexual abuse. Ladies slaying the lady for not enjoying it, and laying glory and praise on Mollis for his great prowess and hoping to get a taste of the same medicine. How stupid and foolish can people ever get? I pity the husbands that have married or planning to marry such “mentally-deranged” ladies, for all is just lost. And worse, to women whose hubbies are aligned to same thoughts as Mollis.


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