You’ll Be Okay

Lately, I’m getting all poetic… Here’s another one

The ground shook beneath me,

As my body trembled in great dread,

At that moment,

The wall came crumbling down on me,

With the full of force of earth’s gravity!

Beneath the heavy rumble,

I gasped… and gasped

And gasped…

But no air!

My body begins to wane

And hope – hope to live

Seems all but just a hope…

As my strength dwindled by every tick of my wristwatch,

So is this stone debris continued to bare its weight on me.

In near despair,

The weight above lightened,


Fresh air!

I gulped it all in…

With hope – just little hope

The air-sacs could take it all in at once…

I awoke,

thisguymuto (2)

What seemed eternity

To a great smile,

Uttering to my ears,

“You’ll be okay”.

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