From The Storm

It’s been a while since I posted something here, and more so, a poem. This poem basically explains what I’ve been going through the past few months and the great progress am making.

I gait through this path,

Squirming in pain

That seems to have taken captive of my friable heart.

It’s been days and countless hours,

Quivering in this cold,

Alone, with no hope of finding warmth;

The heat I had so dearly reveled in,

Died down never to be re-lit again.

On this path,

All alone, and a storm looming,

Thoughts threaten to throw my frail mind into turmoil –

Why? How?

The rhetoric running through endlessly in my head.

I lay down under a tree,

Hoping a passers-by will take note of me,

And guide me through this storm…

Deep slumber subsumes me,

Awakening hours later

The sun threatening to burn out my skin –

The storm has passed –

I whisper to myself…

thisguymuto (2)

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