#SomeoneTellCNN – Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) Silences Biggest Media Company

The Obama visit to Kenya has elicited a huge excitement wave across the country and as it turns out, across the unnamedworld. There’s lot of positive talk about his visit but yesterday, someone decided to say something negative. The biggest news agency in the world, CNN, decided to brand Kenya as “hotbed of terror”. Well, am no journalist but from the little I know, this was supposed to be a killer story to bring in some great rating. Nice marketing move. But one mistake. You rattled Kenya’s second most powerful defense – KOT aka Kenyans on Twitter. Since CNN is saying Kenya is the homeground of terror, so probably am guessing they know little about Kenya. KOT is a powerful, active and at times ruthless voice of Kenya’s social media. Its the country’s ‘military’ arm for fighting wars, on social media. Remember #SomeoneTellSouthAfrica where we had one of the country’s ministers apologize to Kenyans. Yeah. KOT made him do it, otherwise,his social media life would have been ruined. And they decided to rattle them. Damn. Sorry to say this, but that was a stupid move right there…. Piece of free advice, in my native language we have a saying, “usishindane na ndovu kunya‘ translated to mean, never compete with a elephant to poop (sic)!!!!!

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