Musical Awards: We Never Learn Do We?

How many of you remember CHAT (Chaguo la Teeniez) Awards? Or even Kisima Awards? Those were the days everykisima awards artist would scratch his/her brains out to write a new song to be nominated for the next awards gala. It was the time where there was always some new music coming out. I never got to attended these galas, one, I was still in school, and two, simply put, tough parents. But I always got to catch up on what happened through dailies or the television. I remember this one time where, King of Bling, ‘Prezzo aka Rapcellency’ flew in to the CHAT Awards in a chopper or the next gala arriving in a sleek Cadillac with the hot Nikki to his side. It was the time every artist wanted to make an appearance worth remembering for ages. Great times I tell you. Unfortunately both awards just faded. Why? Well, my guess is as good as yourschaguo la teeniez

Fast track to 2015 and we have awards which, in my own opinion, never create the hype that existed with their predecessors, apart from Groove Awards (we all know why this award is really hype wink). I’m not really saying the awards galas we have now aren’t really creating hype, they do but they can actually do way better. But this isn’t my beef with this whole musical awards thingy.

A while ago, we’ve had several continental musical awards events happening all around, and we had our favorite boy band Sauti Sol representing 254 but disappointingly, didn’t clinch a thing. Honestly am disappointed by it and partly blame it on my fellow Kenyan comrades for not sparing a minute to vote for them (kudos to those that did) but found time to make “non-important issues” trend. I love the fact that Sauti Sol accepted their loss with respect and congratulated the respective winners, but am left to wonder, did they feel disappointed by their fans whom probably didn’t take time to vote for them or even get to have the group trend on the world’s top trends list? Kenyans are known are to be the most active as well as vicious on the social media scene in the WORLD! For crying out loud, we silenced some countries with the hashtag #SomeoneTell couldn’t we just have created a hashtag #SautiSolforMAMAs or #SautiSolforBET and get to put these two on top world trends? Mmmh…

sauti sol

The other blame on why Kenya doesn’t actually get to win some of these continental awards is on the kind of songs we get to produce and release to the masses. People have been avoiding to talk about it but I guess I’ve had enough of these consistent losses. As much as I enjoy some of these songs, but it takes me a month or less to get bored with the same song. Why? How am I relating to this song? Stakeholders in the Kenyan music industry have been pushing the media to play more of local content but do you know why they don’t? YOUR SONGS NEVER MAKE SENSE IN THE END!!! And that’s why Naija (Nigeria) Kwaito (South Africa), Bongo (Tanzania) and Ugandan music will continue to rule the Kenyan airwaves indefinitely. It’s time our beloved artists sat down, stop beefing, and come up with a more quality song that will actually sell. Piece of free advice, take a cue from your counterparts in the gospel industry, there are a few lessons to be learnt.



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