Q&A: Kimathi Marshall & The Red Monkey Tape

As promised, I got to sit down with Kimathi Marshall for Q&A segment of the blog. IMG-20150701-WA0022

In a nutshell, who’s Kimathi Marshall?

Kimathi Marshall: Kimathi Marshall is a Rapper,Singer,Writer en Performer

Flag 42 is a big musical house. How is it being part of the musical giant?

Performing at a past gig
Performing at a past gig

Kimathi Marshall: Flag 42 is like family to me in the way we support and hold down each other,en am just really blessed to be creating with the best artists of our time. Feels like the best team ever

Most of your songs have been getting massive airplay in the big radio stations, what do you attribute this success to?

Kimathi Marshall: Biggest contribution to my radio success would be my fanbase and my hometown. The people who constantly en relentlessly request our songs en vote us into charts. The content and quality is outstanding too and that helps

Your new mixtape, Red Monkey what was the inspiration behind the name?

Kimathi Marshall: The Red Monkey actually existed before the music on the tape was made. It was an apparell design for 4nz (the producer) 2mbili wear. So,it was a coming together of great music and business which is a big part of the hiphop culture

You mention a lot your hometown E-town in your songs, do you think back home your music is being appreciated just as much you’d want to?

Kimathi Marshall: I love my hometown and i go hard for Etown. I want to put my home on the world map,I want to inspire a new generation of artists from there and move the youth. That to me is important. Yeah my town loves what i do

Mainstream vs. Underground hip hop. Who’s more real?

Kimathi Marshall: 6. Ofcourse Mainstream HipHop is diluted en dumbed down for media airplay an commercial purposes so there are ofcourse alot of actors in the Mainstream but there’s more realer artists in the underground scene



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  1. sam says:

    Kazi safi bro keep it up man flag42 is tha shiiiiiiit

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