From My Mind: Authors/Contributors Invited

People have always asked me what was the inspiration behind naming my blog From My Mind. Well, all the stories that I publish here emanate from my mind inspired by what I feel, see or even hear. I believe all stories are created from the mind and then spoken or jotted down on paper.

Yesterday while having a conversation with a new friend I had met, she requested if she could at one time do a fashion article on my blog. I said, why not. It would actually give my blog a different kind of taste of stories that I usually write on. But from this conversation, I had a light bulb moment – why not have other people be contributors to the blog; write their own stories. It would give the blog the boost I actually need. So, anyone of you out there, if you’d like to tell your story but go no platform, drop me an email on and I will give you a chance to tell your own inspired stories.

Looking forward…


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