Crazy One’s – This Movie Cracks Me Up


via Robin Williams — ‘Crazy Ones’ Cancellation Devastating … A ‘Personal Failure’ |

The saddest thing to have ever happened in the film industry, was the demise of the great Robin Williams. This was one great man. But the relief is that the legacy he has left behind will continue to inspire others to be great like him.

Am at my favorite movie shop in the heart of the CBD for the usual update on the latest films rocking the scenes, and the attendant recommends Crazy Ones. From his description, it reflected this anti-government conspiracy that I really love. Bought it plus others and chucked for home. I started on it yesterday and believe me, I broke a few ribs (ROTFL). This serious is hilarious. I loved Mrs. Doubtfire but this is just the best of Robin. The series just went on my list of 920x920movies/series that I will rewatch over and over and over again without getting bored by it.

RIP Robin Williams


Photo Credits: Robin | Robin

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