My New Look

Despite my job being white collar with expectations of dressing up, I have never been a suit guy. Even from my previous post of customer care, I would just do a tie and that what was it. But after meeting a certain tailor in the heart of Nairobi CBD, he changed my perspective of suits, most specifically complete fit-in suits. Most of my previous tailors have severely disappointed my expectations of a good suit, by coming up with some either less fitting or a little bit baggy. With this new tailor, it’s completely different. He was very specific on my measurements and noting down my expectations. For this particular suit, I wanted a one-button coat with a single cut at the back. Am looking for ideas for the next suit I ought to make for two events coming up, a dinner and a wedding. Kindly share your ideas

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  1. I just had to drop into this fashion-related post. Every man should own a decent suit, I’m glad that you found yours!! Really nice! 🙂


  2. mrosemary says:

    Next time, you will empty that ‘bin’ besides and behind you before taking photos . Otherwise I love the photos. You should introduce me to that tailor 🙂

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    1. victormuto says:

      Hehehehehe 😂 it will be removed next time. Thanks for the compliment. And sure, I can introduce him to you. Just holla at me,

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      1. mrosemary says:

        Sure thanks and you are welcome


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