#PoleKwaMwirigi – Ingenious Corporate Ads


I have never seen a story trend like this. #PoleKwaMwirigi has completely taken over social media. From corporates taking over to sell themselves in this heartbreaking story to musical star tweeting about it. This particular tweet has completed killed it

I don’t know how true that tweet is but hell, Katy Perry tweeted about Mwirigi’s heartbreak. I know you wondering who Mwirigi. My guess is as good as yours, but what I do know he had a crush for sexy fashion blogger Sharon Mundia better known as This Is Ess in all her social media platforms. Sharon got proposed to by his longtime boyfriend, who apparently has elevated the game for us men, proposing with the view of Mt. Kenya in sight. Daaaaaaamn! Does it mean I got to go on the mountain to propose to counter that? Hell no!

One thing I have loved about this particular trend is the advertising creativity that has emanated from it. Scores of Kenyan corporates have ingeniously created ads showing their remorse for Mwirigi while still advertising some of their products/services. Judge for yourselves

My congrats to This Is Ess



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    This is sad


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