Quick 5: June’s Fire & Ice


This lady has started a business revolution in the great town of Embu; coffee houses. She was the first to open a coffee house, June’s Fire & Ice which was an instant hit. I caught up with the owner and I had a Quick 5 for her:

June, Proprietor of June's Fire & Ice
June, Proprietor of June’s Fire & Ice

My full names are June Njoki Wachira, am 25 years old. I’m the

proprietor of June’s Fire & Ice, and am a licensed psychologist and poet. I love Game of Thrones & WWE Wrestling. I believe in Murphy’s Law “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”

What’s the inspiration behind June’s Fire & Ice?

Like the name suggests, coffee and ice cream. I studied in Mombasa, so after graduating i came back home, and i missed a hangout joint that serves my kind of delicacies, so i decided to open a small place and serve everything i love.

There has been an increase in coffee houses in Embu, what distinguishes yours from the rest?FB_IMG_1430902695821

The difference i i saw a need, i met it, the rest get a chance to compete and they use it, and this way Embu grows. We don’t have to go to Nairobi or TRM (Thika Road Mall) to enjoy a milkshake or a latte’ , We now have have places to hang out or go for dates and enjoy desserts. i love making an awesome cappuccino or crazy sweet desserts that will make a date memorable. its all about enjoying life with good friends and good products. being a pioneer in this business in E-town works as long as many more cool joints come up, its all about having passion, being creative with that passion and being innovative with it.

How is the response?FB_IMG_1430902699787

Developing a coffee drinking culture is my goal and the response is insane!! we get clients who order every espresso variant on the menu just to taste the rich taste of coffee and it will make more sense if you find out that we brew Muramuki coffee which is grown,harvested and roasted by Embu farmers.The fact is Embu contributes a high percentage in coffee Export and still we who are from Embu don’t know how our coffee tastes like. SO any clients who gets this fact wants to taste this coffee and when they come back and order more it only means its good coffee. therefore, the response is 200 percent of my expectations.

You have a monthly event at your coffee house, tell us more about it

Poetry night: being a professional poet, it is only expected that poets are my company. every last Friday of the month i host a poetry night, and it is an awesome experience. our place is small and instead of a stage we use a purple stool, but the attendance is off the hook!! i have seen guys play guitars and keyboards in this little room, young guys spend time writing poetic pieces and i give them one Friday where they perform to an audience. am proud to say that this is also a first of its kind in E-town. i have hosted rappers, graffiti artists, international poets and this one time we had the lead guitarist from H_art the band and it was just amazing. we also had upcoming Djs so we got them their own event called ‘The Blacklights’ and it was a hit last year. Truth is everyone has a way of dealing with life, i am more accommodating to those guys who are creative in their daily life and those who write their feelings down and turn their words into a piece of art that an audience will appreciate, i call it positive living.

June’s Fire & Ice in 5 years

We are one year this april,yeeeaaiiiii!!!!The naming of June’s Fire & Ice is inspired by a poem by Robert Frost- Fire and Ice, that however it goes, the end will come and its inevitable, which also kind of flows with the Murphy’s law.  5 years is a long way considering we just hit our first year. thoughts of branching out are there but i insist on taking baby steps, but when i do branch out, i will hold a grand opening night and you are invited. but for now, lets take it a day after the other, its much fun that way. We are currently planning an event based on spreading the coffee drinking culture and when it happens, it will surely happen


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  2. Asante mr muto,

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    1. victormuto says:

      Anytime my dear… And for any event you have, I’ll help you publicize


  3. BENN says:

    Its the one place in the world I wanna visit. Like top of my list. Something has to be on the house for the number one fan

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    1. victormuto says:

      You should totally visit once you in Embu. I can tell you for sure, the cupcakes are to die for…heavenly


  4. Frank says:

    Am simply happy for you. It isn’t a mean achievement within a short period of time. The sky is the limit for you.


  5. Frank says:

    Scale the heights


  6. munene Ngoroi says:

    keep it up


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