S.A Xenophobic Attacks: They’ve Killed Madiba, Again!

Some years before, on the mention of South Africa, a lot of things came into mind; Nelson Mandela, The Rainbow Nation, Apartheid, Desmond Tutu etc. Mentioning South Africa brings a bitter taste to the mouth, due to the ongoing xenophobic attacks… In a country known to value peace as much as it values gold, it’s now a HELL-HOLE. Black immigrants are running away from their homes into refugee camps, leaving behind their hard-earned investments and home to the scavengers to loot and sprawl it all over the South African streets. It’s a complete disgrace to the African continent that the South Africans are turning on their own African brothers and sisters, beating and leaving them to dead or burning them like cheap robbers.

Words can not tell the pain I feel watching videos of fellow angry Africans or seeing images of my African brothers and sister being burnt alive like my favorite ‘nyama choma’ (barbeque). Perhaps to summarize my frustrations with these attacks, They’ve killed Madiba, Again!“. I will let the images I’ve come across to tell the a thousand words…




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