Stingy Men: They Should Be Banished From The Earth!

Thursday morning, on my way to the hospital for a routine checkup, am listening to this radio show in the matatu am in, and the most interesting and rather insulting topic is on discussion. Stingy men! The host, is having an issue why a man, who earns more than net salary of more than Kshs.800, 000 (US$ 9000) per month, would give his wife less than Kshs.5, 000 (US$ 60) per month to cater for all her expenses, including salon, buy new shoes, new clothes etc. Really?liz

I’ll divert off-topic a bit and give y’all a story. Growing up, my father and I taught me a lot of things; and things in this case is how to be a married man (in most of the stories). One thing my dad told is the reason why we men work tirelessly. Obviously to enjoy the money but the ultimate reason is to give our families a great life, probably better than we had while growing up. And this is evident with my dad; he had a very humble background, but working in a government office as a senior official, he ensured we had a good life. I can tell you, we had almost everything we wanted. And that’s his happiness – his family never missing a thing.

The-Love-Of-Money-Go-For-A-Better-Life-Thats-OlyLife-OlyLife-dotcom-Photo-from-Liz-West-cc-Now, the most disgusting thing with the show was the guys calling in and just confirming the host’s fears. Their stinginess. One guy called, he said he’s been married for three years, he earns a good salary but never in his three-year marriage taken his wife for a holiday or a weekend out to some exotic place, and he dared say he gives her Kshs.3000 (US$30) per month for all her expenses excluding shopping and school fees for the kids. He only took her for a holiday while she was still a girlfriend. Now this leaves me to wonder, he was only taking her for the holiday, for her to spread her legs and probably put a ring on that finger (argh!).

My advice to men (mostly married men); the only drive to make you really work hard and earn that five, six or seven figure salary, should be your wife, but not going to pour it down the drain with your “boys”. Trust me, once a zero is deleted from that cheque you get every month, yo “boys” will disappear, but your wife will remain there for life, for better or worse…

Peace out!!!!!!


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  1. Akriti says:

    Nice Post.

    Hey are u on Linkedin ?

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    1. victormuto says:

      Thanks. Yeah am on LinkedIn.


    2. victormuto says:

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