E is for Even More Crostini

Basil and Oil

Crostini might just be the best thing to have ever been created. I’m not kidding. A crunchy base of bread, infused with garlic and olive oil, topped off with whatever combination of fresh ingredients you can think of. crostiniYou might’ve noticed the terms bruschetta and crostini being interchanged, although technically they are different. Crostini are typically round breads, smaller, and with a less elaborate topping. Bruschetta are larger, and could be served as lunch. Personally, I always use ciabatta bread, and serve the crostini as a starter, if you want to serve them as lunch, just pick a larger type of bread.

These are my favourites:

The traditional Bruschetta topping of ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and extra vergin olive oil. Find the recipe here.

crostiniQuality buffalo mozzarella topped with red chilli pepper (warning: they are red hot! Lame joke, I’m sorry)crostini with mozzarella and pepperProsciutto with homemade red onion compote, which is the perfect combination between…

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