Fimbo Ya Tatu-Dawa Ya Moto by the Grandpa Government

I first got to listen to this song through a mixtape I had downloaded from the internet and was daaaaaamn! It’s a mad tune. The song, Dawa Ya Moto is the third in the series of Fimbo ya Grandpa Records which is also the recording stable’s icon. The preceding series (Fimbo ya Kwanza na Pili) were okay but this one just killed it.

grandpaThe series aims at bringing into the limelight new and upcoming artists by recording a song together with other musical giants in the industry. In this song, it has featured the biggest Kenyan artists in the game including Sauti Sol, Kenrazy, Wyre among others. And the video – clearly well thought out. Hats off to Young Wallace the video producer to the song. I anxiously wait another Kenyan song that’ll be able to match up to this one.. In the meantime, have a look at the video and judge for yourself….


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