Corruption: More Reason I Love My President

First, apologies for disappearing off the blogging scene, I haven’t had access to internet for four weeks (new office control measures) but now am back and with a few stories to tell. Last week was a landmark in Kenya’s history; for the first time, President Uhuru gave a tough standline on corrupt State Officials to step aside and pave way for investigations. The State Officials include Cabinet Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries, Governors, MPs, Heads of Parastatals, MCAs etc. Never before (as good as my memory serves me) that a President has issued such directive to his government subjects. Before they’d be fired and everything goes under the water, but now there may be some shred of hope of some corrupt deals getting prosecuted after all.

Soon after his directive, some cabinet secretaries called press briefings to announce they were stepping down from office to pave way for investigations. But some were really adamant on staying on their cozy offices, on the fact that “they’re elected state officials”. What I get from this statement is to imply they feel they’re above the law. Even the President himself isn’t above the law. For a person implicated of corruption and remain firm in his/her office, what other proof do Kenyans have that this official is corrupt? I’ve read in one of the papers today that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) are planning to arrest some these officials once investigations are completed and they have concrete evidence to prosecute them. I guess this is a better move; arrest and charge them in court, recommend suspension (but in this case Legislators will interpret it as removal of such officials from office through Legislation) and probably some jail term. Now that is a great plan.

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