Motivational Monday | Love or Fear?

Awesome post… I always enjoy reading your blog

The Girl In Glasses

“I’d rather end up wishing I hadn’t than end up wishing I had.” – Leo Tolstoy

I love this quote. It tells you to take risks and chances, without allowing fear to debilitate you. Are you always going to land on your feet? Probably not… but that’s alright, at least you tried. How will you ever get anywhere or anything that you want from life without courage? Would you rather regret the decisions that you didn’t make and wonder “what if”, or would you rather overcome your fears and go after what you really want — whatever the outcome of that choice, there is success in choosing the second option.

We all have fear in our lives but once we’re able to open our eyes to the bigger picture and realise that we’re responsible for creating it, how fearful is it then? Show fear thatyou’re in control, then you might…

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