Motivational Monday | Create your own opportunities

The Girl In Glasses


Every great dream begins with a dreamer, though it’s important to realise that your dreams won’t always just happen to you; you may have to reach for them. If you find that opportunities don’t present themselves, don’t just wait around, put yourself out there and build a door; make your own opportunity.

Whether it’s a romantic pursuit, forging your career path, travelling around the world or [insert your own dream here] — act now, self-motivation is the key to lasting change. It doesn’t matter how far out of reach your dream or goal might feel at this present moment, create a plan and take steps in the right direction every day, even something as small as keeping a journal of your reflections, goals and progress can be beneficial.

I recently read an article about creating your own luck written by author Peter Economy, which encouraged me to share my five tips…

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