Happy Birthday Baby Sister

17 years ago today, The Muto Familia got a new addition of an extremely gorgeous baby girl. Being young then I wasn’t allowed to see my mother and the new baby in the hospital till after a few days when I visited them together with my late grandmother (RIP Grandma) and other aunties, and my mom asked me to give my new sibling a name. At that time, I had three close friends (whom I may had a “kid-crush” on). So I named her after these friends, ANNET DIANA MURUGI. Since then, I have this close unbreakable relationship with my sister. Right now, she’s in her final year of high school and she’s been asking me on the best career to undertake and I know she’s working hard to be a medical doctor or a lawyer.

What I can say about my sister? She’s the number one girl in my life, my inspiration to ever work hard, my happiness, my strength. Simply, she’s the world to me. I know my better-half is meant to be my number one girl but speaking the truth, only one lady came close to being the number one lady.

So siz, I know you’re in school and probably you’ll read this post a year from now, but just to let you know, am proud of you and I love you to bits… HAPPY BIRTHDAY

wpid-10474648_4931196655650_5879423424058532062_o.jpg wpid-10818324_4931220336242_156396415057063822_o.jpg wpid-10608433_4931222576298_1706505177186961938_o.jpg

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