Towards a Poverty Free Kenya

Ken's Chronicles

Growing up in the village in a third world economy is not a walk in the park. Having grown up in a village near Mt Kenya, my siblings and I had to put up with a myriad of challenges which ranged from chilly mornings, dealing with jigger infestations to walking barefoot to school just to get a taste of the white man’s wisdom. Having no sweaters to cover our frail bodies, our health was many times than not vulnerable to cold related illnesses pneumonia being a deadly effect of the same. Poverty defined not just our homestead but many other villages and homes that characterized our neighbourhood. During those days, wearing shoes to school made one seem so odd that those lucky enough to own a pair had to remove them, remain barefoot and later wear them when going home.

Fortunately, the Kenyan government with the help of well-wishers and…

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