An evening with comedian Klint The Drunk

The Deal

37-me and clint
Me and Klint after his hilarious comedy show.

The year is 2008. We are in our first year in Campus. I go to check on my boy Flex at Prefabs, in the University of Nairobi. Reason: to get some music and videos of sensational Nigerian comedian Basket Mouth.

Prefabs are wooden hostels at the University of Nairobi where future engineers, environmentalist, doctors and all those who scored As and strong A-s with an appetite for scientific courses are housed. Also, those in Arts who arrived late.

There is something contemptuous about the prefabs.The reasons they were not offered to female students. I can bet in their first years, engineers and all those housed in the prefabs never got laid. No woman would dare step in there. What does it benefit you to work so hard in high school and go to university to study one of the courses that every…

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