#REACT2015. Three years of impacting lives.

The Book of Oloo­®

As a pioneer REACT Rotaractor- informally called REATors- and life member, there sits an unprecedented pride in knowing that something that started so small has gained mileage in under three years thanks to a proper hierarchy devoid of squabbles, clear ideas and vision as well as proper arrangements.

I derive a lot of pleasure in being able to change my world in every way i can perhaps because the man who brought me up wasn’t my biological father but a good samaritan to whom i was as much a son as his own. People who inspire and mentor us are ultimately responsible for who we turn out to be. I am sure i haven’t ashamed him. For in making the right choices most of the time i have been able to bring a smile and satisfaction to the lives of others.10245306_10152765149519008_5618557183768531773_n

When i pack my bags for Season III of…

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