This is Shocking. Being suspended for meeting with Babu Owino?

This is completely unacceptable. So if Babu Owino was my cousin and a student of the university, I’m not supposed to hang out with my own cousin just because “hes your enemy” SHAME!

Ken's Chronicles

Wonders will never cease. Apparently a KCA university student has been suspended because of a meeting between University of Nairobi SONU leader Babu Owino and himself in the Thika Road Mall famously known as TRM.. The meeting is said to have lasted for one hour and 11 minutes.

When did suspending students for personal reasons become acceptable? When did institutions of higher learning start having enemies in university students?

Attached is a letter that was addressed to Nyangaresa from the university. I still cannot believe this.


His suspension needs to be condemned in the strongest terms possible and his reinstatement to campus should be guaranteed without further delay.

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