Coming Soon: New Blog!

When I started my blog some years back, I wanted to share with the world everything that goes through my mind and one of these things is my deep love for poetry. I’m a poet, mostly on love/romantic poems; some of my friends have been bugging me to write a book on all my poem collections but what I have is a God-given gift, a gift to be shared to the world but not to be sold through books. I received freely and thus give freely. But for a while now I stopped posting poems on this particular blog since my blog was growing and some of my followers wanted to read something really interesting or captivating. For this reason, I wanna create another blog, alongside this one where I will be writing my poems and shared out to the world. This inspiration to write poems continuously has emanated from a very special friend, whom I won’t introduce today (but hopefully soon); she continues to change how I view things in the world and for this new blog, my first post will be a dedication to her.


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  1. Njeri Mbogo says:

    Uuuuu…’re in love πŸ™‚ Good for you! Waiting to read them poems and ‘borrow’ some words here and there πŸ˜‰


    1. victormuto says:

      hehehehe I didn’t say anything… I could lend u some poems. I will sample u one in a few via email


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