WOW! You’re really great. I simply connect with you through this poem, reminds me of a past… I look forward to reading more of your works and probably comparing notes..

Of life she writes.

My butterflies left me.

They took off chasing something that I’m not sure they’ll ever find.

When you left
I lost your body heat
I lost your words
I lost your stories
I lost YOU .

When you were around my butterflies were happy.
They flew and flew and made me happy to have them inside of me.

They loved you too.

We parted ways at nighttime.
The road was empty, dark.
There was a street light in the middle of the street that shone upon me as if I was a goddess.

I felt like a goddess.
I felt full, full of love.
Full of life.
Full of YOU.

My butterflies absorbed that.
The high of you made their colorful wings want to flap, flap, flap.

They drove me crazy with their movements every time you were around.
I think I loved my butterflies too.

Everything you brought about…

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