The Urban girl next to me…

Ken's Chronicles

Its been quite a while now. I have been burning with a zeal of creativity within me but unfortunately nothing has been coming along. I have wanted to write something real baaaad…

So today as I went along my business I boarded a mat to tao. A typical boring Thursday afternoon, the sun being so hot that the burning sulphur in hell seems child’s play. Breeze hakuna hata kidogo such that irritating beads of sweat can’t help but form on my face.

So I am sitted in this mat which is playing annoyingly loud music. Making it worse is the fact that the Jamaican blurb is more of noise than it is rhythm. This is the kind of mat that has those annoying condas who won’t stop filling the vehicle with creatures even after it is very evident that all seats are taken.

I have to occupy my mind lest…

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