There are 2 types of students; those who go to just school and those who get an education. There are also 2 types of learning institutions; those that offer just certificates and those that build a student’s foundation for life.

It takes a few minutes to figure out if someone is as skilled as his/ her CV states or to determine whether s/he possesses a room temperature IQ. Educational background often influences one’s Intelligence Quotient as many factors come into play including:

  1. Learning environment
  2. Tutor’s competence
  3. The institution’s focus/ vision

It was, therefore, hilarious watching students rioting in the city over an investigative report that ‘maligned’ their beloved college. In case you missed it, you can watch the clip below.

True, there are as many institutions of higher learning in Kenya as there are bars and hair salons. So how do you determine the best one to join? The…

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