Guys and Dating: Turnoffs For Men

It’s been a while since I last wrote on this; actually a friend and fellow blogger encouraged me to write again about it. And am thankful she encouraged me to do so. Well today, I’m gonna write something different from what I wrote the last time; things that turn off men.

  • Being too available for Sex

When a girl gives in too soon, a guy would lose interest instantly (I would), because if it was easy to give it to me, how many men was it to easy to give it to? Most women have this notion that easily offering sex to man is an expression of love to the guy. WRONG! Real love is effectuated in sex.

  • Attached to Phone

This really pisses me off. To have your face buried in your phone during a conversation is utter disrespect to the guy, and it really doesn’t matter how boring that date it. You need to respect the man for his time and effort to take you out or be there with you; show that you know how to carry on a great conversation and you’re a lady of good standing.

  • Lack of Ambition/Principles

I love a woman who has principles, stands by them and nothing can make go against them. A woman without an ambition seems like one looking for a handout. It becomes attractive to the guy seeing you got your own goals, interests and hobbies, and that the principles you hold dear are unbreakable no matter the circumstances.

  • Constant Complaining

A lady that’s always complaining on the little things or seeing things on the negative raises a red flag to a guy. This brings a guy down. A guy wants to spend time with a lady who is very refreshing and seeing things on the positive, no matter how bad they are in the reality.

  • Being Too Available to A Guy

It’s common knowledge that a guy is proud and he wants a chic who is too hard to get because in the end, he feels proud of what he has earned. Being too available, that you easily “enter his box” he will feel demotivated and move on to the next lady he finds.



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  1. True words!

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    1. victormuto says:

      I’m glad you concurr

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