Fashion | Style Spotlight: Betty Draper

One thing I love about your blog is the fact that it speaks different kinds of voices-fashion, beauty. I personally am an admirer of fashion but hardly keep with the latest trends in fashion. Reading your blog inspires me that I ought to know more… Looking forward for some fashion tips from you… xoxo

The Girl In Glasses

Fashion Silhouette

If you don’t already know by now, I’m a huge fan of the AMC television show Mad Men, seriously I feel like I’m repeatedly marathoning this show. One of the main reasons for my admiration is the era in which it is set, the 1960’s, and the fashion that encompasses it.

The ladies of Mad Men inspire my own style in fashion and beauty terms – and I’m not the only one, Michael Kors created a Mad Men inspired collection and we’re all starting to see waistlines again as we try to bring back the silhouettes of the 60’s!

I’ve decided to share the style inspiration by reviewing Betty Draper’s (portrayed by the beautiful January Jones) wardrobe!

“Betty Draper’s board is a collision of tear sheets from my grandmother’s knitting magazines from the 1960s, candid shots of Grace Kelly, and even a picture of a pink washer and dryer.”…

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