People Should leave Keter alone…

My two cents on this Keter story, we just making a lot of fuss over a good deed that was overshadowed by “being the typical Kenyan leader” syndrome. What I mean, Keter was duly acting on his duty as a leader to curb corruption but his mistake was to use the name of the Big House on the Hill in vain (thy shall not use this name in vain)… I fault him for being too much of himself, saying MPs can make laws and change them at will, though I do understand he was really angry (I would have been no different on such a case). What we should be focusing on right now is to trace the roots of corruption in this whole incident and stop pressing on Keter to resign, he did no wrong.. #MyOpinion

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Keter finally did it. He, without shame brought forth the dna of corruption that is imbeded in so many of our country men and women.

If you ask me, Keter was just a victim of circumstances in that he was caught pants down in his hour of impunity. The fact that he was caught on camera uttering imprintable insults at public officers is the only reason everyone is up in arms over his actions.

You see, in the current dispensation, corruption is so rife that the only rule that applies to it’s master architects is “never get caught”.

Keter’s mistake and only mistake was that he was caught in the act. Why do I say this? Reports of Sonko brandishing guns at a Mtwapa weigh bridge have been all over but no one dares speak a word for we have no ‘proof’.

According to me, the Nandi Hills Legislator acted…

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