#DigitalMigration: Beyond the falsehoods

Kenyans have continued being treated to a circus as three media houses continue to make a mockery of the plan for digital migration. The three who run 4 out of 40 television stations in the country have gone ahead and launched a fight with the industry’s regulator while pushing falsehoods in their quest to maintain monopoly acquired using the analogue broadcasting. If you have followed the debate, the three media houses have continued to change the reasons why they are opposed to the switch off programme. They claimed they wanted their own licence, then went on to claim that they needed more time. And now, they have discovered four years later that one signal distributor is a Chinese company.

So what is the real picture on the #DigitalMigration?

First, the public has been deceived that a signal distributor is a broadcaster. Kenyans have been told that since one of the…

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