Motivational Monday | “Pleased to Meet You”

The Girl In Glasses


After reading the Blogging101 assignment today, I decided to incorporate WordPress’ Daily Prompt into my Motivational Monday post. I was considering the “pleased to meet you” prompt in terms of people that are part of our lives, whether that is for a passing second or a growing relationship over a number of years.

It’s plaintive to think that many people are prone to leaving their houses and closing themselves off from the world, rather than entering it – some choosing to shuffle from A-B with their head magnetised towards the path beneath them, others keeping their vision firmly locked on to their latest fruit-shaped electronic device, or blocking out all life around them with an orchestra of sounds playing through their headphones. How often do we really stop and look?

I feel that we could all gain something from being a little more personable and kinder to those around us. A simple greeting to the…

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