Of Pastors & Hypocrites

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The Book of Oloo­®

In the wake of the passing of the Pentecostal Pastor Dr. Myles Munroe earlier this month, a Catholic friend of mine was so kind as to mourn with us (Pentecostals) all for our loss and even kinder to add a caveat about wealth.

Saying that 19th Century preachers walked barefoot and died of tropical diseases, ours lately travel by private planes and die of plane crashes. It couldn’t have sounded more hypocritical. Anyway, let’s get these centuries out of the way first.

Of course 19th Century preachers couldn’t have used planes because- well, planes weren’t invented yet and they didn’t have the advantages of great medical advances the kind we benefit from today to survive these tropical diseases (themselves catching people constantly in the tropics). If they had what we have, they could have used them since it has always been essential that the Gospel reach all corners…

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