12 Reasons The “Sort Of” Relationship Never Works


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It sounds a little laughable, doesn’t it? The infamous “sort of” relationships is not easily defined, yet is frequently exercised. It’s the situation that happens when you’re “with” someone, but you’re not with them in the fully and committed fashion. It’s essentially relationship purgatory. There are a number of reasons why we create these odd companionships. “It’s just not a good time.” “We aren’t ready to get back together, but we aren’t broken up.” “I’m not looking for a serious relationship.” “We’re just keeping it casual.”

Well that sounds all fine and well, and then things start getting messy.

1. The lines are blurred about exclusivity. 

You’re technically not together. Maybe you used to be or you may be later on, but you aren’t now. So, that means you can be with other people, right? Maybe. Well, no, probably not. You see, everybody wants to be casual and totally cool…

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